BAL Assessments

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments for new homes, extensions, sheds and patios.

If you live in or intend to purchase property in Bushfire Prone Areas, you will likely require a BAL Assessment as part of your planning application.

BPA can provide BAL Assessments by level 2 accredited practitioners throughout Western Australia and regularly travel around the State for your convenience.

We are located in the Wheatbelt area of WA in so we understand the attraction to living in a rural environment. We are experienced in ensuring your property meets the Bushfire Guidelines whilst not losing the rural appeal of living amongst nature.

Depending on your requirements we can provide just the BAL Assessment or provide a more comprehensive service including the assessment, mitigation planning and construction certification to AS 3959.

BAL Assessment Services include

  • BAL Assessments
  • Pre-purchase BAL Reports
  • BAL Compliance Costing
  • Insurance Reporting
  • BAL Reduction Reports

Purchasing that dream block?

Thinking of buying that perfect nature block?

Be it a full bush block or a previously cleared block in a rural area a Pre-Purchase BAL Assessment as part of the conditions of sale can protect you from unknown construction requirements and costs.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the Bushfire Guidelines and AS3959 ensures you get accurate information regarding the future purchase of your dream block.

Planning on building a new home?

BPA’s role is to know if you are in a Bushfire Prone Area and what requirements your new home will need to comply with.

We can provide all the information you require to meet local government Bushfire regulations and to gain clearing and building permits.

Remember being Bushfire protected does not automatically mean clearing all the vegetation around your new home – instead careful planning to include Asset Protection Zones will reduce the Bushfire risk whilst maintaining the natural beauty of the area.