Bushfire Management Plans


  • BPA specialises in Bushfire Management Plans (BMP) to meet the prescribed criteria as referenced in SPP 3.7 and the Guidelines for Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas WAPC 2015.
  • BPA caters for all types of development and subdivision applications from small scale subdivisions to large scale residential lots including vulnerable and high risk land use development.
  • Our BMPs look at the bushfire risk of the site and sets out immediate, short and long term risk management strategies for the life of the development by addressing the key elements as outlined in the Bushfire Guidelines.
  • As part of ensuring all the bushfire protection criteria is addressed we focus on the retention of our natural flora and the habitats of our fauna.

Vulnerable Land Use
Planning & Development

With over 38 separate projects completed in the last 12 months providing Bushfire Management Plans, BAL Contour Maps and BAL Assessments for Vulnerable Land Use for Government departments our expertise in this area of Bushfire Risk Management speaks for itself.

Critical Infrastructure
Planning & Protection

Avoiding the loss of critical infrastructure is a leading cause of concern to communities during a Bushfire event.

Protection of these important assets is possible by way of careful planning and management of Bushfire risk.

BPA’s expertise will help identify and mitigate the risks your critical infrastructure may be exposed to.